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General Introduction :

Portal Cranes that are generally used in sectors about marble, iron steel, rolling, construction and steel construction are manufactured to be used at loading, carrying, storing etc works especially at outdoor areas.

The crane that moves on rails placed on ground has totally four feet. It can be manufactured as single beam and double beam bridge.

It composes four main groups such as Lifting Group, portal walking group, bridge group and feet.

Electrical installation of those cranes’ acting ways can be applied in four different types. Those are; Cable Wagon feeding system, cable drum feeding system, closed bus bar and open bus bar feeding systems.

We manufacture portal cranes in different lifting capacities in accordance with customer requests and our composed standards.

Basic Usage Features :

The cranes included in manufacturing program of Sekizli Makine ve Vinç San. Tic. A.Ş. are manufactured according to concern Standards and other safety regulations. Beside this, while operating the crane there are some risks, such as; damaging operator’s life and exposing damage to organs of operator or damaging to crane.

Cranes must be used only for their designed purposes.

Crane should be used as it is stated in manual.

Crane should be operated by personnel who knows any risks and can take required precautions.

At the case of any functional disorder (breakdown), crane must be stopped immediately at breakdown should be removed because it may affect safety of crane.

The crane will be used for other applications except stated in manual, it is suggested to make pre-contract with SEKİZLİ Makine ve Vinç San. Tic. A.Ş. for any changes at mobile crane and approval writing should be received from our firm. Except those cases, no any change must be applied to our manufactured cranes.

At the case of using mobile crane except for designed purposes, manufacturer firm or distributor firm cannot be kept responsible against to arising damage or accident. Also, at the case of such case, mobile crane will be excluded from guarantee. Misuse risk is resourced completely by the user. If user obeys to the points in this manual, risks are minimized in great capacity. You may find suggested and designed working limits in this manual.


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