Jib cranes that are used at applications such as loading and discharging loads on the machines at especially manufacturing halls and at the areas where ceiling crane application cannot be done are with feet and can be applied on the wall and can be moved in desired angle. Jib cranes are manufactured to be used at carrying, loading etc works in indoor areas. Jib Cranes can move 180, 270 and 360 degree angle around column where they assembled. Upon request, chain crane can be used at jib cranes.

Jib cranes can be assembled on the wall or on its feet.

  • Special production Jib cranes according to needs.
  • Upon request, jib cranes can turn 360 degree.
  • Special production Jib cranes for indoor and outdoor areas 

Basic Usage Features :

Steel, wire rope rollers are made of GS 52 quality steel casting is covered with sheet to prevent exiting rope.

Pinion gear wheels are made of C8620, big gear wheels are made of C8640, pins are made of C1050 quality materials and they are hardened by cementation or nitration.

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