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Monorail  hoists can be manufactured as Overhead Travelling Cranes - Portal cranes. Generally monorail hoists can be manufactured as assembled on ceil with single iron, forward – reverse action and lifting – lowering, 4 actions and 6 actions. It is used to carry material in basket from lower layers to up layers. If crane walking way iron is not desired to stay out, walking way iron can be manufactured with forward – reverse action. Forward reverse actions can be performed with electrically and manually.

Basic Usage Features :

• Steel, wire rope rollers are made of GS 52 quality steel casting is covered with sheet to prevent exiting rope.

• Pinion gear wheels, big gear wheels and pins are made of C1050 quality materials.

  • SV.[1,5]M
  • SV.[3]M
  • SV.[3]M
  • SV.[3]M
  • SV.[4]M
  • SV.[5]M
  • SV.[7,5]M
  • SV.[15]M
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